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An ATM adds value to your business in a number of ways. People will come inside your location to use your ATM, and more foot traffic means more potential sales. ATM users will usually spend a good chunk of their cash withdrawal with you, studies show upwards of 40%.
ATMs keep your patrons in-house so they don’t leave to get cash somewhere else. Customers will appreciate the cash convenience your location offers and are more likely to come back.
You may receive surcharge revenue for every ATM transaction depending on transactions volume.

How much you earn depends on the location of the ATM (is it well-advertised and visible?), how much it’s needed (are you a cash-only venue? do you provide cash back on debit / credit card purchases?) and how much foot traffic you get. The more foot traffic, the better.

The general rule of thumb says 3-5% of people who see the ATM will use it. If you average 200 customers a day, you would expect 8 people to use the ATM daily. You could then take those 8 people, multiply it by the surcharge amount, and multiply that figure by the number of days you are open for business every year. That would give you an estimate of annual revenue.

High traffic locations are the best candidates for our free ATM placement program. Contact N2 today to see if you qualify.

No, there is no monthly fee. The only ongoing costs to you are for electricity and an Internet connection. ATMs with their own Internet can also be provided if necessary.

Major banking companies are replacing magnetic stripe cards with new EMV cards, also called “smart cards.” EMV cards have a computer chip for added security against fraud. Merchants who still accept magnetic stripe cards for point-of-sale transactions can be held liable for fraud. The same rule will apply to ATMs starting in October, 2016. If your ATM machine can’t read EMV cards, you’re putting yourself at risk of fraud liability. All of the ATMs provided by N2 are compliant with the new mandate and can read EMV cards.

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