If you want an ATM in your location, but don’t want any extra work, free ATM placement is your best choice.
With ATM placement, N2 handles everything for you – and pays you part of the surcharge. N2 takes care of the cost of the ATM machine. We install and maintain it, supply and manage the cash and receipt paper, handle the transaction processing, and provide 24/7 service if you need it. You provide space for the ATM machine and electricity – and collect a share of the surcharge revenue every month. With ATM placement, you reap all the benefits of having an ATM machine in your location – and skip the headache of owning and operating the machine yourself. Locations must qualify for free ATM placement.


With an ATM partnership, you stock the cash, and N2 takes care of everything else.
N2 buys and installs the ATM machine, takes care of maintenance, resupplies the receipt paper, and handles the transaction processing. You fill the ATM machine with your own cash, and provide the electricity. The surcharge revenue we split evenly – so you keep half the earnings. Partnering with N2 can be a good choice for hands-on merchants who have enough time to manage the cash supply, but don’t want to take on all of the costs and responsibilities of an ATM machine.


If you want to buy an ATM, N2 makes purchasing an ATM machine easy.

N2 carries the most modern – and reliable – ATM machines on the market. Ready to buy an ATM? We’ll help you choose the best ATM machine for your location. N2 installs the ATM for you and trains your staff on routine set up and operation. We also handle long-term transaction processing – for no additional fee. As the ATM owner, you take care of the day-to-day operation, maintenance, cash loading, paper supplies, insurance and any miscellaneous costs, such as parts and labor that may need replacement over the years. All of the revenue from surcharge, the entire surcharge amount, is yours to keep.


N2 ATM is your go-to company for ATM machine sales and services in Southern California.
Our clients get the best ATM machines on the market AND the best service.

We make getting an ATM easy.
Helpful, straightforward solutions

We are service professionals.
Knowledgeable, proactive, and friendly staff

We’re a local company that cares.
Responsive 24/7 service

Cash and ATM Debit Cards


Are you ready for smart cards? Nationwide, new EMV smart cards are replacing magnetic stripe cards. EMV cards have a computer chip for added security against fraud. Merchants who still accept old magnetic cards can be held liable for counterfeit transactions.
If your ATM can’t read EMV cards, you’re at risk.
Call N2 today and protect yourself against fraud liability.